Audacity Advertising dangles the proverbial carrot. (by Edward Lees, Toronto, Canada)

If you’ve driven through Bronte, Ontario lately you might think you’ve fallen down Alice’s fabled rabbit hole – complete with 6.5-foot giant carrots growing magically from the ground. If you did a double take you’re not imagining things. As a teaser for the much-anticipated opening of TASTE Marketeria, two large trees flanking the entrance have been turned into giant carrots.

TASTE Carrots.jpg

The carrots were created by Audacity Advertising & Design Inc, as part of the branding for TASTE Marketeria. As a giant symbol for all they stand for – local, organic and fresh – the carrots provide the perfect backdrop for the local farmers market it will be hosting throughout the summer and into the fall. They are truly a case of seeing is believing.

In my last blog, “How to woo a client with a dozen long-stemmed carrots” I talked about not telling potential clients about the agencies creative firepower but rather demonstrating it. The 6.5-foot carrots dramatically demonstrate what TASTE Marketeria has to offer. As a bonus they demonstrate nicely the spirit of what Audacity is all about – creating absolutely unignorable brand experiences that drive business for our clients. And according to Doug Greco owner and president of Catch Hospitality, the group that owns TASTE, the carrots are having the desired effect. Talk about driving traffic - good luck finding a parking spot!

The exterior signage at TASTE gave us another opportunity to tell their story. As a boutique food shop and veritable feast for the senses we wanted to find a positioning that was as niche an ownable as they were. We asked them, what if we could “own” the attributes most near and dear to consumer’s hearts. The same attributes Taste stands for – Local, Fresh, Organic.

Leveraging the logo for Taste Marketeria, TM, we created a campaign that allowed them to own in a tongue-in-cheek way those same attributes - Local™, Fresh™, Organic™ - a positioning that was unique, relevant and completely ownable by them and only them.

Then we brought those attributes to life with headlines that told their story and gave them a personality. Lines like, “Farm to fork in under 100km” for - Local™. Or, “Our seafood arrived just before you did” for Fresh™. The complete series can be enjoyed below.

TASTE opened September 1st and already it and the giant carrots are the talk of the town. Passersby stopped at the traffic lights in front have been pointing, smiling and very nearly rear-ending the cars already stopped. Locals have been walking up to take a closer look at the carrots, to get their picture taken with them. But don’t take my word for it the media has already had a lot to say, click here to read more. Taste is exactly what the area has been waiting for.

TASTE Marketeria: The Proverbial Carrot.

Advertising Agency: Audacity Advertising & Design Inc.

Creative Director: Edward Lees

Art Director: Frank Lepre

Copywriter: Edward Lees

Director of Strategy: Michael Reneau

Account Director: Holly Simmons