Ensure your kids don’t spend their 30’s living in your basement.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, but is becoming a reality for many. So what’s hampering these well-educated, ambitious millennials from joining the ranks of the employed? Well an aging workforce that refuses to retire or simply can’t because the economic downturn of 2008 wiped out their savings isn’t helping. Luckily good old mom and dad have a basement to take refuge in.

But surely there’s got to be a better alternative. A better education perhaps? As parents faith in the public school system dwindles yet further, more and more are considering private schools. But as the following series of ads created for Fern Hill School by myself and Audacity Advertising & Design Inc. nicely illustrates, even private schools aren’t created equally.

What makes Fern Hill so great? Well as the headline for their Open House ad states, it’s “The door that opens so many more”. Recognized as one of Canada’s most well respected elementary schools, Fern Hill provides the educational foundation that sets students up for success in life. Not surprisingly it’s also the feeder school for Appleby College.

Fern Hill has also adapted a very unique teaching methodology. Teachers only instruct the subjects they are subject experts in. The same ones they so passionately pursue when not working. Further proof that amazing things happen when students are exposed to the brightest minds in each field of study. This style of teaching creates a contagious enthusiasm for learning and a tenacious drive to succeed.

Life for students at Fern Hill is also very different. From preschool to grade eight they take part in daily assembly where they take turns performing in front of their peers. Learning to express themselves with confidence, courage and creativity. Shockingly these are the same skills that will one day make them feel comfortable in the boardroom.

How does Fern Hill measure up when it comes to one of many parents’ top fears - peer pressure? Well if it exists at all, it might be in their students pursuit to make the honour roll. After all, you can't hang with the wrong crowd when there isn't one.

Fern Hill's stance when it comes to languages is also quite progressive. By the time students graduate they are trilingual (English, French and Mandarin) - parents will be relieved to know that none of which includes OMG.

As the following series of ads created for Fern Hill by myself and Audacity Advertising & Design Inc. nicely illustrates, it's a Fern Hill education that will ensure your kids don't spend their 30's living in your basement. By inspiring young minds to be relentlessly curious and unleashing their unlimited potential.