How to woo a client with a dozen long-stemmed carrots.

Recently a client caught our eye and we instantly knew we just had to have them. Was it how they looked, how they carried themselves, how others reacted to them? It was all those things and more. Like so many suitors before us Audacity Advertising & Design Inc. set out to charm its way into a meeting. But unlike the wooers that came before us we knew introducing ourselves via email or phone wasn’t going to help us stand out from the crowd.

So what did we do…we sent them a dozen long stemmed carrots - the perfect tease for the creative idea we’d already come up with. The one that promised to make them the talk of the town.  After all who would send a client carrots. Only an idiot or a genius. Luckily our eventual meeting proved we were the later.

Our client told us, “That was the single most creative agency intro I’ve ever received. I just had to meet you guys”.  For now I will hold off on revealing the client. Our first project, showcasing much of the same work from that first meeting, is set to launch in a few short weeks. So stay tuned - at that time we will reveal the client and the work.

Our successful meeting proved to us that nowadays you have to pull out all the creative guns to catch the attention of a client. They are inundated with voicemails, their inboxes are stuffed full and DM pieces from agencies espousing their vast experience and creative might have a one-way ticket to the trash.

So why is it important to go the extra mile? Well obviously it’s better to prove you have “creative might” rather than just say you do…but that goes without saying. If you are going to promise to make a client’s brand stand out and be embraced by consumers a good start is to make yourself absolutely unignorable and irresistible.

But more than any of those things it’s an opportunity to prove to the client that you have a deep understanding of their brand. That you have insight into their customer’s lives. And probably most importantly it shows you know how to tell the truth of their brand in an interesting and relevant way. An authentic way that bypasses consumers heads and goes straight to their hearts.